Parenting skills, and tips.

How to get a baby to sleep: 8 methods

Alright mamas, I have had one incredibly tough baby.  I have had one incredibly easy baby.  I have had 5 foster babies. All with different sleep needs.  I kinda have some experience with this.  These are my methods that work like a charm every time.  I want to thank God […]

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What I learned in 5 years of being “mommy”

*This post is inspired by my sweet Lilia.  “Always shoot for the moon, if you don’t make it you will land among the stars” Five is independence. Five is a true “big girl”. Five is reading and writing. Five is kindergarten. Five is a full hand. Five is half a […]

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Married Sex

So this is a bit out of my comfort zone to write about, but for some reason I just feel like good things are going to come from me typing this! So here goes nothing! Sex.  I’ve been having it for a while now, so that kinda makes me an […]

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I was a shi*ty mom today

At the end of the day when the kiddos are all tucked in bed, and I have time to catch my breath I start to question my parenting ability.  Was I the best mom I could be today? Well today I wasn’t.  I lost my patience, I was frustrated, I […]

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